About Me

Why Space & Health?

Hi! My name is Simona Lovin and I want to welcome you to Space & Health! I’ve created Space & Health as a blog dedicated to a topic of great relevance to our collective future – the sustainability of human health and human life in outer space.

Articles and news published here cover:

  • Space medicine research, applications and funding
  • Space health law and policy
  • Relevant industry events and industry thought leaders
  • New industry developments that may have an impact on the future of health care in space

My Bio

My professional background is in business and IT operations, and I’ve had the opportunity to work in multiple economic sectors – GovCon, healthcare, international development, investment services, higher education, and telecommunications. As a life-long Space enthusiast, I draw on my strategy setting and business architecture experience to envision viable futures in Space development. I enjoy learning and writing about cutting-edge ideas, technologies and business models. All the ideas and opinions expressed in my posts are my own.

Coming Soon

On its way – a collaboration platform where all of us who are passionate about creating a health care system tailored to travel and life in space could actively exchange ideas and organize.  Stay tuned!

Contact Me

Please send me comments through this site and/or follow me on Twitter @simonalovin. For lengthier messages on content-relevant topics, I can be contacted at:

My LinkedIn profile is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simonalovin/. If you would like to connect with me via LinkedIn, please mention your interest in space health in your invite.